Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DC Not Rocking Today

Washington lost a big piece of its soul today when our local hero and Godfather of Go- Go, Chuck Brown, died of pneumonia at the age of 75.  I never saw him without his beatific smile on stage, and that's why there is a picture of him on my refrigerator- just seeing that face could cheer me up every day. The man was the epitome of cool, yet his performances radiated warmth. One song could go on for a half hour, yet he never seemed to tire. He made so many people happy. He made so many people dance. And he never stopped giving us his all and above all that- his love.

While Washington won't be the same without Chuck Brown, his music and his influence will surely live far beyond this day. He was not just a performer; he was a true artist that brought a different beat to the party. The best party.

Take it to the bridge, Mr Brown. We can't blame you for bustin' loose, but it's going to be that much quieter down here without you.

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