Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saying Our Goodbyes

Saying good-bye to a treasured dive is always rough- especially one that has spawned its own subculture of people called "The Grillbillies." The Sunset Grille in Annandale has had many close calls with closing, but this week it looks like things are wrapping up for good. This ThursdayJohnny Castle and the Thrillbillies will be there one last time to usher out an era that they helped create. This tiny place has seen an inordinate amount of talent come through its doors, and we will be very sad to see it go. If you can't get down there one last time, here's a tribute to the Grille from DC ROCKS' photographer Chip Py.

Even sadder though is saying good-bye to a person.

Today begins the official send off to Chuck Brown with an all day/ all evening viewing at the Howard Theater. The service happens on  Thursday beginning at noon at the Convention Center. I've been listening to a lot of Chuck Brown's music on the radio this past week, and it's never without joy to hear that voice calling out to us, but it's going to take a long time to get over not seeing that smile again.

Thank you, for giving us that and more, Mr Brown.
You gave us your all, and hopefully, this town won't ever stop listening and learning from you.

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