Sunday, February 17, 2013

Go Back to the Bayou

Hey, all you local rock fans - here's a show you actually have to stay at home to watch. Remember the Bayou? That divey old night club down under the Whitehurst Freeway? If you have even the haziest recollection, the documentary "The Bayou DC's Killer Joint" will bring those memories flooding back, plus a nice slice of DC history thrown in, too. And even if you are not familiar with the old scene, it's a fun film to watch full of footage of the bands that passed through- both local and national. Tune in to Maryland Public TV NEXT MONDAY night at 9 p.m to catch a glimpse of our musical past.

1 comment:

  1. Disappointed that The Cherry People were not featured in this Documentary. They were one of the Best Bands to come out of DC and played frequently at the Bayou during the 1970's, many other bands were also overlooked. Too much time spent on only 4 Bands ~~~ Sad!!