Sunday, February 10, 2013


Tuesday. A work day, a school day. The beginning of the week. Just a day. But Fat Tuesday is not just one day - it's the last day-the end of carnival season and a finale of a celebration. Sadly- folks up North might see a few references to Mardi Gras- maybe a drink special at a bar, but in New Orleans parties and parades have been happening since the three kings went to visit Jesus. At least it feels that way. Muses, Chaos, Thoth, D'etat, Endymion and Iris are just a few of the parades that have rolled since Thursday, and if you are lucky, you know someone on the route who has white beans and rice on the stove and King cake on the table.

Back in Washington, it's just a Tuesday in February, but if you are looking to break out of the box, Clarendon does throw a parade right up Wilson Boulevard and IOTA is throwing the after party with The Grandsons. Louisiana Express in Bethesda is still making a decent catfish po-boy. And last but certainly not least Little Red and the Renegades will be whooping it up at Tropicallia.

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