Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Merry Month Of May Give Away

Welcome to May Day, a day in which we celebrate Spring by tromping around a pole or leaving a basket of flowers on a friends' door step without getting caught. I only remember doing the pole thing once on a roof top in New York City with a bunch of inebriated people I didn't know very well- not exactly the bucolic experience that might come to mind, but never mind that.  DC ROCKS is going to celebrate May Day by kicking off a ticket give away to Soundbites at the 9:30 Club on May 19th.

Soundbites is a benefit for DC Central Kitchen and a complete throw down for food and music lovers. The event features samples from 25 restaurants and music from 7 local bands which include members of Slickee Boys, Fugazi and The Cramps. And this year Soundbites will feature Razz- the power rock band that seemed poised to go national back in 1979. I was in close proximity to one of their venues-the Back Room behind the Varsity Grill in College Park, but those days are foggy for me, and so I've been asking the guys from Razz about their history, but those days seem a bit foggy to them as well.  (Good thing I have Mark Opsasnick's book Capitol Rock sitting on my shelf.)

I'll be writing more on Razz and the Kitchen in the days to come. In the meantime here's your chance to win two tickets: just write up one short foggy memory of the DC music scene, and send it to Please put "Soundbites" in the subject header. Contest ends May 15th

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