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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Use Your Brain

When money get tight, arts funding gets the first axe which is just the way the Moneymakers think. And yet music conquers madness by spanning both hemispheres of our brains.When we get in trouble, music therapy can help stroke victims speak clearly or Alzheimer patients recall a memory.  Over in Arlington, in the heart of Rosslyn, some folks used their brains and turned the old Newseum building into Artisphere- a space for galleries, music and more, but now possible funding cuts loom ahead. 

This Friday DC's own King Soul will open for Big Sam's Funky Nation - a New Orleans crew which has been featured on the show "Treme" and described by George Pelecanos as "fucking awesome." If you like to dance, then you know first hand the dearth of floor space in this area. Artisphere features a 4,000 square foot ballroom. Please come out and support this space, your brain and the music.

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