Friday, June 13, 2014

Keepin Body and Soul Alive

I saw the extravaganza that is  "A Southern Soul Tribute" twice.

Enough said?

This Saturday will most likely be the last chance to see it because wrangling this many musicians together isn't even like herding cats- it's more like herding flies. The line up is a variation on the last two performances, but still smoking hot, and in one of my favorite venues in DC-the Hamilton. (once upon a time the old Garfinckel's on 14th and F)

The Hamilton takes full advantage of this formidable and grand building (which dates back to 1929) with completely reinvented spaces featuring uptown bars, an extensive restaurant and a top of the line performance space in the basement. Good food; great service. Tickets are a little pricier than most shows I write about, but still quite a bargain.

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