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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Twenty Five Years and Twang Proud

All you people who were out and about 25 years ago might remember when a DC original roots/country band came to life. (Can it really be 25 years?)

The year was 1989. You remember 1989… right?

(Metallica was big, but I never really dug them)

Come to think of it, nothing about that year really stands out for me... so maybe it's safe to say that Ruthie and the Wranglers was what was going on because when I google the year in images this is what I get:

That being said, let's turn our eyes forward to this Saturday when a celebration/reunion party/throw down will be going on at Gypsy Sally's, a night club which is trying to create a niche in a part of town where we all used to want to be: Georgetown. Get there early ( around 7) to reminisce in the Vinyl Lounge; get there a later for the music, but make sure you catch The Bumper Jacksons who will be bringing their creative and crazy retro sound to the mix as the opening band.

A fun night no matter how you look at it.

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