Monday, June 9, 2014

Tiger Pride

At first I was annoyed that people from Westboro Baptist Church took it upon themselves to come all the way up here to protest Washington's Wilson High School Pride Day events. Personally, I wouldn't give the time of day to a group whose home page boasts the hashtag "godhatesfags." (a rather loose translation of the Bible if I ever heard one. ) No one knew what to expect at the clash of protests this morning, but their tiny band of Baptists was vastly out numbered and, as my 13 year old astutely observed, "Their signs were stupid."

photo by Deean Rubin

 In the end I have to hand it to the hate mongers for inspiring students, families and school staff to come out in droves to show their support of inclusion and love.  The counter protest was peaceful, and everything was over by 9 a.m.

photo by Deean Rubin
Afterwards, I registered my youngest at Wilson for next year, and I am happy he is going to a school with a courageous man like Pete Cahall in charge.


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