Thursday, May 14, 2015

Remember the Time?

What does it mean that this is the first time Last Train Home has played since 2013? It means that band leader Eric Brace felt like putting on a show, and where better than at Iota, where as Eric puts it "the whole thing kind of got started back in 1987 with B-Time."


Good grief. Has it been that long? The eighties once stretched out like an endless sea of time for me. I was at University of Maryland at the beginning, lived in California in the middle, and got married on the other end. One common thread through it all was my pal Peter Alsberg who was part of a motley crew of housemates on Guildford Road in College Park….

who drove out West to visit with another buddy when I lived in San Francisco,

and served as best guy in my wedding.  (He cleaned up well, didn't he?)

A lot of other fuzzy stuff happened in the middle at 9:30 Club where Pete and I met many a life long friend, but I digress.

Coming full circle, Pete is the one who introduced me to Alan and Eric Brace back in that magical year of 1987 when I convinced him to have an old fashioned cocktail party like our parents used to have.  (We were way ahead of our time.) Check back for a picture of that event.

We saw B- Time and Last Train Home many times before Pete moved on to another plane.  Otherwise he most likely would be coming to this concert which will be one of those congenial reunion type affairs featuring long standing (and outstanding) band members and guests like Jimmy Gray, Scott McKnight, Kevin Cordt and Dave Van Allen.  Also, Evan Pollock, the original drummer for B- Time will be playing with LTH for the first time! These guys ( including now Nashville based Eric) will be coming from near and far, so come join the party this Friday at Iota. Invite your friends, buy them a drink, and enjoy the evening.

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