Thursday, May 21, 2015

Surf Is UP

I don't usually post twice in one week about a band, but Monday's Insect Surfers' show was so energetic and so much fun that I want to make sure people know they will be back playing IOTA tomorrow night before winging their way back West.  (Also I can never resist a poster by the theremin master of the Atomic Mosquitos and artist extraordinaire Stephen Blickenstaff. )

Monday night was a love-in throwback sort of affair with long standing DC musicians and music fans  coming out for the show and the camaraderie. And speaking of love-ins , if you haven't yet, check out Insect's fearless leader David Arnson's article about "Georgetown," a nostalgic walk back in time that he wrote for my other site "Washington, DC My Hometown."

This show will be different from Monday's with surf oriented Atomic Mosquitos opening as well as the high energy SuperSwank.

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