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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Art of Summer

Into the Woods with James

 Summer sure sank its teeth into Washington this week. I'm not sure what happened, but I think a high pressure system puts its feet up on our coffee table and is refusing to budge. Suddenly fledglings are out of the nest, and bugs are on the move. (Even as I write I am being distracted by the occasional ant which seems to be popping out of my laptop. Oh oh. This may stem back to the Icing Incident that happened a few months ago when the computer was sitting on the kitchen counter.)

On the bright side there's a lot of free music and movies around in the Great Outdoors this summer. Here's a handy music list the Washington Post compiled, and here's the outdoor movie line up from Thrillist. One item that didn't make their list, however, was the Doug Dupin Film Festival last week which featured his latest short "Into the Woods with James."  Check it out. Art is a wonderful thing to find where you least expect it.

p.s. to email subscibers- apologies for that January posting being sent out by feed burner. That was some kind of cyber fluke.

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