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Friday, July 3, 2015

Comin' Comin' Back

Goin' Goin' Gone hasn't been around for a long long time, but now the band is back, back back with  members whose names will be familiar to people who have been in the DC music scene for a while: David Goodfriend, Russ Beeker, Nick Ruggieri and Mitch Mitchell. GGG has already had a few gigs under its new belt, so they are ready to go, go go. See them live and in person Saturday night at Hank Dietles on da Pike, and bring bring back some memories.  Here is the scoop from David Goodfriend:

"Late last year Russ and I talked about putting the band back together, and I knew he was ready to do it.  Mitch Mitchell, who played bass in GGG for over a decade, and I have been playing together for the last 5 years.  Both he and Nick Ruggieri, who played drums in GGG for a few years, were up for another go round.

It's the four of us for now. We will add a 5th piece when we find the right one.  We really miss being onstage and rocking,and Russ and I have gotten much better at writing through the years.For now we have a few originals in the mix including one I just wrote.  We've gone through old set lists and brought back the songs we thought were our best.  

While it is of course a reunion, we look at it as more of a continuation.  We'll do some of the old tunes we know people dug and add lots of new ones as we go along."

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