Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's All In How You Look At It

I like rock and I like stars, but the last time I went to a super star rock concert,  I wondered why am I paying all this money to sit in the back of a sports stadium and look at a gigantic screen?

Instead, for a mere $10 I can see four hard rocking working bands including The Beatnik Flies this Thursday at the Tree House Lounge- a joint not even big enough to hold a jumbo-tron.  The Flies are a hard act to catch these days, and they never fail to knock me out.

By the by- speaking of knock-outs-we get two full moons this month. Moon Number One will be working its show all night long tonight- literally from sunset until sunrise. (none of that sneaking up during the day biz here) The "once in a blue moon" will be happening July 31. Watch them both alive and in person if you can.

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