Thursday, July 9, 2015

Crazy Cat Round Up

Imagine herding cats. (aka musicians)  How many could you get on a stage for one evening? Take your typical rock band which has 4 or 5 people involved, odds are one of them forgets to check their email on a regular basis, one travels for work and yet another is in two other bands. Now add a bath tub on that stage because there is always going to be some kind of extra problem about getting there or parking or not having all your cables and mike stands.

Enter Herschel Hoover, cat wrangler extraordinaire from Chess Club Romeos, who dreams big. He wanted The Romeos to play on a bill which would feature his eclectic taste in music and his favorite bands- hoping to turn people on to all kinds of music in one fell swoop. The result is euphonX -eight bands playing at IOTA this Saturday. Yes, eight bands doing half hour sets starting at 6 p.m. and running all night.  Just twelve dollars for a lot of crazy cats.

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