Thursday, April 5, 2018

No Foolin'

Not just a few of you remarked on the last DC ROCKS calendar which I put up in honor of my father who loved a good prank. Whether it was a goofy phone call or the always reliable "what did you spill on your shirt?" gag he would always roar APRIL FOOL afterwards at top volume and then laugh uproariously even if you didn't think it was funny.

For you curious cats, my April Fools' list was au current in 1979, and I plucked only a handful of items from the incredibly extensive calendar in an old Unicorn Times. Now almost all of the bands and every one of those venues are long gone except Columbia Station which is in a different place and only has the same name. (The original closed in 1984.)

Nevertheless a lot of those dates and bands were real and alive and need feeding.  The Beanstalk Library and Throwing Plates are at Pearl Street Warehouse tomorrow night.

On Saturday the Leon Russel Tribute happens at the Barns of Wolf Trap another Newmyer Flyer event with a panoply of local talent, but it may be sold out already. If you are feeling less extravaganza and more come as you are, the Bold Deceivers will liven things up at the Takoma VFW.

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