Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Paging Back or A Very Short History

This week I have been delving deep into the past (further back than usual) uncovering people like my ancestor Page Dugan who was born in 1800 in the wilds of Tennessee.  No internet. No Hot Shoppes. No go-go. Just trees and cook fires and maybe birds singing. After Page was married he pushed even further west near Jackson where my grandmother would be born in 1898. 

But that's as far west as my family got. My grandmother ended up moving to Washington DC  in 1916, and my mother arrived on the scene in 1917. So here I am, a mere hundred years or so later, talking about the very cool sounds of Boat Burning’s CD release party tomorrow night at DC 9

not to mention Dave Chappell at JV or the Rock-A-Sonics at Hill Country. (All on Thursday for Pete's sake.) Friday night Goin' Goin' Gone is rocking JV's with guitar luminary Dan Hovey, and it's not even Saturday yet when you can take your pick between original Southern soul, punk/garage and roots with  King Soul at the Cheverly Legion, 7 Door Sedan and Color School at the Takoma VFW or Eric Brace and Peter Cooper at Jammin' Java.

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