Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Past Isn't

Art by Mark Holmes
Everyone loves harkening back to the bad ole days of 9:30 and d.c. space where much loved bands like The Beatnik Flies, The Slickee Boys and later Fugazi were a regular thing. Indeed, people I meet now tell me they hung out at the old 9:30 Cub on F Street "all of the time," and if you were then you probably remember my friend Stewart Schmallbach who could redefine that term. He was there night after night and sometimes during the day.

His bar stool was at the back bar right next to the service area, and his drink was a screwdriver.  An artist in his own right, he often painted the walls to defray his bar bill-especially when there was an event.  A lot of people remember the club in monochrome, but actually the color would sometimes change for anniversary parties.

Fred! Photo by Marie Broussard
This weekend put your money where your memories are. Come out and support live music with people who are still on the scene. On Friday night The Messthetics, a true power trio and comprised of Fugazi's Joe Lally and Brendan Canty plus guitar master Anthony Pirog, are throwing  a CD release party at Black Cat with Sarah Hughes and Kid Claws.  Please note this is a rare all ages venue, and a show not to be missed if you are a music fan.

Saturday The Vi-Kings, who usually do their magical throwback psychedelic thing in Maryland, will pilgrimage across the river to JV's in Falls Church. The line up includes  Joe Dolan (Beatnik Flies) Bob Berberich (Rosslyn Mountain Boys) and Bill Craig of (the) Razz.

On the other side of everything The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours, with Mark Noone of Slickee Boy fame on bass, will be rocking the Takoma VFW. This is a cool and crazy little venue where you can grandly buy your friends a round and still have change from a twenty.


  1. Love your ruminations and the ancient photos of our salad days. Keep 'em coming! Thanks, Lynda, for fond memories. ��

  2. STEWART!!!! Now that was my era of the club. When I lived upstairs, I was at the club daily, day and night, right by his side. I associate him with the club probably more than anyone else, well outside of Mark (Hall), Rene, Allison and even Jared (who didn't even work there yet).. Thanks for sharing this pic and memory..