Friday, January 25, 2008

And The Answer Is...

(Dead Milkmen 1983)
So that common denominator of the bands playing The Velvet Lounge tomorrow night- the one I threw out as a challenge in the last posting that started with P ? Kind of a trick question because it's actually two words in my mind-Psychedelic and Punk. We've got Joe Talcum, once in The Dead Milkmen. Mark Noone of the Hula Monsters, once a Slickee Boy, and Haley Dolan of The Ex Invisible Husbands, daughter of Joe Dolan of The Beatnik Flies.
If that ain't a psychopunkic thread, I'll eat my hat. (Emphasis on thread- it ain't a rope that's for sure)
Free beer for everyone tomorrow night at The Velvet Lounge that submitted the right answer here in triplicate.

(Slickee Boys-mid 80s)

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