Monday, January 28, 2008

Last Weekend

(Jake Flack Rhodes Tavern Troubadours)

Well, a it took a while for us all to recover from the shows this past weekend, and we didn't even make it to all of them, of course, but here's what we've got (besides moi) -pictures from Chip Py and a report from roving reporter, Lyn2 who called in from the train to NYC this morning:
Saturday night The Quarry House had a huge unidentifiable crowd. Ottley was first with new material that Martha Hull delivered in her usual powerful way- occasionally wading into the audience for added effect. 7 Door Sedan is really getting its new act together, improving exponentially each time she sees them. And their new song by Ken Moss was a hit. Rambling Shadows was extremely loud and worth the ear damage. "They were jamming on that hypnotic psychedelic thing." Our reporter was married to a drummer for 21 years, and can't figure out exactly why, but she could watch Tommy Carr play the drums all day.
Everybody kept using the word psychedelic about all the bands, but each had a very different sound -a new sound- a 21st century thing. Maybe their roots lie in the past, but it's not a rehash going on- it's a renaissance. Thank you, Jackie at The Quarry House for helping this scene get out there.

Meanwhile in another bar in another part of town-
The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours
had everyone dancing Friday night at The Surf Club. It was nice to see them play in a place where there was room to swing more than a cat. Despite their lack of live gigs, the guys were going strong. (Catch them one more time with the kids this Saturday at The Avalon Theater in D.C.)

(birthday boy- i wrestled him for his camera)

Friday was also the kick off to Chip Py's birthday weekend although he stayed on the job-from the Surf Club right through Saturday night at The Velvet Lounge where Haley's Band ( that's it- that's what we're calling it now) got the place full to bursting.

Joe Jack Talcum had the stage to himself as he performed Dead Milkmen songs and other tunes to a dedicated crew who could and did fill in if Joe forgot the words. Punk Rock Girl was probably a highlight-definitely a floor shaker, but in general it was a fun and witty performance.

Finally (and we do mean finally at 12:30) The Hula Monsters crammed on the tiny stage and got the Faithful but Weary Attendees dancing with their drummer, Ben Holmes (a.k.a. Big Beat) leading the charge. Hulas at The Velvet Lounge.
Not a sight you're gonna see every day, maybe never again, but they played as if they were at The Royal Hawaiian. You had to have been there.

(Mark Noone)

Thanks again to Chip for these great, sometimes ethereal shots-click on them to get the full effect.

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