Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thrills , Dogs and Teeth for A Song

(© John C. Garofalo).
This weekend coming up there's at least two bands of note on one night. The Thrillbillys- who are usually stationed in Virginia at the Sunset Grill, are crossing the river to play at The Quarry House in Silver Spring Saturday night. The guys in Thrillbilly have longer resumes than Donald Trump. I'm not kidding. Johnny Castle alone has a paragraph's worth in Capitol Rock. (By the time he's finished, he'll have his own book.)

Then there's The Cravin' Dogs another unique talented crew who have been around these parts a good twenty years now. Their Live At The Black Cat recording is finally being released as a CD. As an added bonus- Jon Carroll, one of the most amazing musicians in the area, will be sitting in. They'll be at The Barns of Wolf Trap this Saturday night as well.

Two totally different bands, two totally different venues. Either way you're seeing good music for under twenty bucks at Wolf Trap, and under ten at The Quarry House. Not to mention Chopteeth on Friday at Rock and Roll Hotel for ten.
As I said in the last post-you just can't beat local music as the best value for your entertainment dollar in this town.

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