Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A White Room's Happening At Bangkok Blues

Yep. It's a school night, but the GHZ show starts early this Thursday, and you can eat dinner while you're there. (bringing a whole new meaning to the words dinner theater) GHZ (Scott Giambusso, Dan Hovey and John Zidar) take you back in time to a hazy period when Eric Clapton was in a band called Cream, and Jimi was the new star on the horizon. Scott says: This is the Get The Rust Off Tour. We have prepared some new material and haven't played out since November so everyone is itching to do some bashing, especially John whose feet never seem to stop twitching. (Mind you this is the bass player talking about the drummer-but they all twitch and bash- in a good way. )

These guys don't play together often, but they 're all consummate musicians- so be sure to catch this version of them which will take you back in time, but will also get you home in time for the evening news. Show starts at 7:30-this Thursday at Bangkok Blues in Falls Church, Virginny.

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