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Monday, May 12, 2008

Line Ups

It's just like the grocery store. You go in - you see no one as you cruise around- then you get to the check out aisle, and boom there's a line as long as the Post Office when they up the cost of a stamp on you. You get in the back of line. You are last. No one comes after you. When you leave the store, it's empty.
So tonight and tomorrow are empty on my calendar, but Thursday night, May 15, there are TWO good shows: (at least) Alice Despard Group and Cashmere Jungle Lords are playing at The Quarry House in Silver Spring and 7 Door Sedan and Sister Ex are at The Red and The Black on H Street.

The Jungle Lords and Alice go way back. How far? Well, The Jungle Lords met Alice when they double billed with Hyaa at dc space back in 1986. They see themselves as: (albeit through a glass darkly) Frank Sinatra backed by tequila-sodden cow punks posing as a mariachi band trying to be rock n roll.
Alice says this about Jungle Lords: They play this infectious combo of surf, rockabilly and jungle music. Dominic is a phenomenal guitarist in the style of Eddy Cochrane, Duane Eddy, and that ilk. Lately, he has been a adding a Latin flavor to some of his songs. CJL is always fresh and sexy, and always reinventing themselves.

And Dominic had this to say about Alice: I've always had tremendous respect for her songwriting and guitar playing, as well as the timbre of her voice. Beyond that, she is one of the most deeply spiritual people I've ever met... She handles her music career with a lot of wariness in terms of avoiding doing anything crass or commercial.

Now that you are primed for that show - think again- 7 Door Sedan and Sister Ex are also playing at The Red and The Black down on H Street. I know good established bands that are afraid to play with 7 Door because they've seen people get up and leave when they finish. I guess Sister Ex can hold their own. 7 Door has been described by Lyn2 as having "a glam, psychedelic rock and soul thing which will wow you," and I haven't heard anything to dispute that.

Now it's time to flip a coin. (You do have have another chance to see 7 Door and Sister at Artomatic May 18)- or try to get all four in one night. (Write me if you do!)

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