Sunday, May 4, 2008

Federal Reserve MONDAY NIGHT

My friend Bobby Lee Birdsong told me about this Federal Reserve thing happening once a month at at Iota. This Monday, a band I'm intrigued with, Greenland will be playing so I wanted to find out more. ( Also I wanted to use Bobby 's name in print because he has one of the best names I know- Bobby Lee Birdsong- real name-plus the guy's a musician/piano tuner. Anyway Bobby says:
Check out the web page for Gypsy Eyes-- you will infer from that more than I can tell you exactly. Federal Reserve is the name for the collective group of bands that comes to play on first Mondays of the month at Iota. I would say it is kinda alt country/rock/folk... some of it is in real slow tempo, but some is just straight rootsy guitar rock... the sensibility is maybe Velvet Underground- Rolling Stones- Gram Parsons. Rose is kind of post- modern Etta James.

These United States
is a major component of this show, and their self described ringleader is Jesse Elliot. Here a description of the group from their blog: These United States is the songs of Jesse Elliott, flipped, forged, phased, and fermented; stolen, re-taken, elongated and elevated, beaten and bruised, occasionally imbued, by an ever-battling band of music-mad robber-barons, enthused aesthetic thieves of the long and winding subway tunnels and underground railroads of our cacophonous nation.

I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds good.

Jesse says that the show starts at 8:30 Monday night - everyone rotates sets every 10-15 minutes, just 2 or 3 songs each, in quick rotation. So check it out if you want to see a lot of music -once again -for very little money- a fin gets you in.

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  1. That album cover is really a work of art. Might have buy the album before ever hearing the music.