Monday, May 19, 2008

Rosslyn Comes To Silver Spring

The Rosslyn Mountain Goats return to the Quarry House this Tuesday night May 20, and it's becoming quite the scene-not so much a matter of who was there, but who isn't there. Guest star rockers sitting in so far include: Mike Henley,Bob Perilla, Mark Wenner,Bill Hurd, Jeff Kurtz, John Guernsey, Johnny Castle and Bill Holland. (Some of those bands represented are Big Hillbilly Bluegrass, The Nighthawks, Claude Jones, The Thrillbillys, Bill Holland and Rent's Due)

Again all this talent - low money down. They pass the hat if they can get one- or a box if they can't. And happy hour drink prices all night. Truly a great deal worth dragging out for early Tuesday evening entertainment.
Rock Note- Martha Hull will be staying on her mountain and won't be on this gig due to a broken ankle. She'll be missed.

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