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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Musings on Haley, Mott the Hoople and Other Things DC by Lyn2

Today I had to let our dear dog Haley go- it was a hard thing to do, but also an easy decision since it was the right thing. Haley was around 15, a stray hound who came to us 12 years ago. My girl, Nicole named her Princess Haley Sparkle Diamond Eyes because she was 8 and in a fem stage when we got her. My son, Richard doesn't remember life without her. She was a sweet dog who loved all her dog and people friends, hated thunderstorms and would not fetch a stick or ball even if it was wrapped in a hot dog. Driving home, I got to thinking about how it's the nature of things to be both fleeting and enduring. Haley was here one minute, then gone, but like so many dear friends, she won't be forgotten.

The other day I was listening to Mott the Hoople's All the Young Dudes while riding to a reunion of sorts in New Jersey. I was struck by what a kick in the ass that record was to the world when it came out, but the band didn't last as long as it should have given its innovation and influence. Thirty six years later it has endured quite well. Have a listen. Meanwhile my friends back home were at DC's own Urban Verbs reunion at the 9:30 Club, and by all accounts that music has held up, too. (Listen for the concert to be broadcast on NPR soon.)

Washington, the city also endures. After 9 years in exile working uptown, my office is moving tomorrow- down to Vermont and K. Before this job, I worked on U Street for 10 years. While downtown has changed a lot in the almost 20 years (yikes count 'em) since I went to work there every day, it's still the DC I grew up in. There is something local to this town that is hard to explain- especially to the political world. Anyway I can't wait to eat lunch in McPherson Square and Franklin Park, fending off pigeons and handing out money.

The more things they always say.

(Haley was always very compliant with kids.
Last year the teenagers dressed her up as a graduate student)

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