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Monday, July 28, 2008

Are You A Believer?

I saw it. I swear. I saw a girl converted at the last show. She came in a skeptic and went out a fan. It's that simple. Prabir and The Substitutes. There can be no imitation, and they are playing THIS Thursday July 31, at The Quarry House in Silver Spring. Opening up for Prabir will be Puptent. Lyn2 thinks the "oddball boys" is the best description she has heard yet. I found them somewhat mesmerizing last time I saw them at Fort Reno.

And speaking of Fort Reno-ALSO this Thursday- the ambitious rocker can catch Kid Congo Powers*, The Shirks and Girl Loves Distortion. (a favorite of Roddy Franz from The Urban Verbs) between 7 and 9:30- then hit The Quarry House almost in time for Puptent.

And that's not all- there's NO excuse to stay home July 31- go west and find Susan Cowsill at Iota; go east and catch Sleepy Labeef and The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours at Surf Club Live. Too much for one cat, but plenty for all.)

*Check out Kid- he has quite the rock pedigree.


  1. Aw crap, I'm a believer, but I was going to be resting up for Friday at the Red and the Black... dag, man!

  2. No resting this weekend!!!
    What a cool town that we have so many good music options.