Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer in the City

Ft. Reno concerts are one of my favorite things about DC summers. They bring back the true meaning of free music. This Monday, July 21, check out Puptent and Ra Ra Rasputin. Puptent's Ben Azzara, Phil Duarte and Ted Watts are the shamans of sound, often re-inventing their songs and never playing the same set twice. There's some punk in there, and a lot of other ingredients too. The melange of energetic melodies, invention that's never noodling and a "pop not pop" sound is perfect for a hot summer night in the grass. Given that Ra Ra Rasputin call themselves "Rasputniks" and lists among their influences LCD Soundsystem, the Feelies and Q and Not U, I am looking forward to seeing this band, too. Shows start at 7:15 and end by 9:30. You can walk from the Tenleytown Metro stop.(the above brought to you by Lyn2)

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