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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Renegades Run Wild At The Zoo

(photo by Beth Rado)

Living in this city can give a person ample opportunity to complain. City services are riddled with ineptitude, if not down right corruption. When tax time comes, I wonder why I'm giving money to them. Shouldn't some of those people who lined their own pockets be kicking a little back this way by now? Even my children- though they love their DC public schools- are occasionally stunned at how shabby they are, or at the bad decisions made in running them. Still it is a beautiful city, and to make up for some of the down side we do have a boatload of free entertainment here including The National Zoo.
I like the Zoo, but I am way too lazy to walk the whole thing. I'll park near the elephant house-then I can hit the pachyderms, giraffes and pandas all in one cluster and go home. (By the by, pandas are okay, but it was even better when the prairie dogs were around.)
But the best lazy thing to do is to go visit the lions and tigers on a summer Thursday, and then literally drop down on Lion Hill for a free concert. This Thursday Little Red and The Renegades will be there, and they are a really fun band. Though listed as zydeco by the Zoo, their music is definitely not limited to that. I'd say it's more encompassing of the whole state of Louisiana and then some.

Concerts are early- 6:30-8. Picnic optional.

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