Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yell County AR Meets DC IN a 7 Door Sedan

When I first heard of Yell County, it seemed unlikely the band had anything to do with my mother's home - Yell County, Arkansas- but Y. County front man, Joel Maupin grew up right over the mountain from my people and knew some of them. Within 7 seconds of meeting Joel my Arkansas accent, nurtured by summers in Yell County, was back. Friday I will finally get to check out the band. One of my music authorities says Yell County is like "The Jam with a Southern drawl." Maybe you'll hear the accent, too.

As for 7 Door Sedan, I still feel lucky to have gotten in on the ground floor. 7 Door Sedan is rising. If you haven't seen them yet you can still get in on say the 2nd or 3rd floor, but do it soon as they have a CD coming out and new songs. Band member, Glenn Kowalski has a hard time coming up with a description of their style- a mix of glam, punK and psychedelic rock. (glunkedelic?) But whatever you call it -this is a band that's fast becoming the hottest force on the scene.

All of this happens on Friday, July 18, at the place that feels like home, Silver Spring's legendary Quarry House. It's right near the Metro, just on the other side of the DC line, has a great beer selection and the best tater tots west of the Ozarks.


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