Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday's the Day for Mayhem by Lyn2

More on the spoken word now-the dictionary tells me that "mayhem" means "to maim" which makes me think that Friday's multi-band "Night of Mayhem" show at The Red and The Black will do you in. In a good way. It's four fine bands including Yell County, who draw their name from the place of my mom's birth. (I can't write about them without mentioning this.)

The line up is:

Yell County
, previewing their new album!
Kung Fury (ex Vanity Champ, The Disenchanted, Aguchi)
King Giant (ex Blue Balls Deluxe, Jack Potential, The City Bleeds)
The Gerunds (ex Dag Nasty)

The mayhem starts at 9 pm at the Red and the Black at 1212 H Street NE, and DC's best fish sandwich is available for carryout around the corner at Horace & Dickie's.

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