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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Govinda Gallery- A Cool Place for a Long Time

Chris Murray's Govinda Gallery specializes in the musical side of the art world- often featuring photographers and leaning heavily towards rock and roll. In fact, Govinda- a seemingly modest building on the outside, may be one of the world's largest collector's of art/rock history. Over the years I've saved a bunch of the opening invites like this one of Hendrix featuring the work of Jim Marshall. I stuck it up on my kitchen wall sometime during the spring of 1992:

Now, however, a virtual archive is being created which will definitely helps preserve my wall space:

This fall, Govinda Gallery celebrates its 34th year on 34th Street. For Govinda Gallery, it is certainly a milestone and marks Govinda as the longest established art gallery at the same location in the history of Washington, DC. Govinda has launched over 200 exhibitions at its Georgetown location since the first exhibition in September 1975. My deep thanks to all the artists, collectors, and friends of Govinda. To celebrate this occasion, we are opening The Back Room a new feature on our website documenting highlights of our 34 years. Our first post celebrates the historic visit of Muhammad Ali to Govinda Gallery in 1995. Please visit The Back Room for our regular postings.

And thank you, Chris Murray, for making this place happen for all those years. You can also check out Govinda's facebook page
better still- go see the gallery itself- in real life and real time-right there on the corner of 34th and Prospect
deep in the heart of Georgetown.

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