Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GHz Rocks the Zoo

(photo by Wayan Vota)

The National Zoo is a fun place. It's free, and it's big, and people who live in Mt. Pleasant like my mother once did, can hear the lions roaring at night. My father didn't have much time to goof off when I was a child, but I have a fond memory of playing hooky at the zoo. We were running errands around town when he said he had a surprise for me. Next thing I knew we were off the main street and pulling up next to a low building. I didn't quite know where we were until he put a delivery sign up on the dash, and I realized he had created his own parking place right near the giraffe house.

The place has changed quite a bit since I was a pup. It's vastly improved for the animals. Parking is still a trial, but now there are two Metro stops nearby. ("Creative" parking spaces are long gone.)

So here is my hint for this Thursday night's "sunset serenade" with Gigahertz- the '60s throw back band I can't seem to stop raving about. Get there early and park at the bottom, or be sure to wear really comfortable shoes for the hike back up to Connecticut Avenue. You can bring a picnic or buy food there along with beer and wine.
(How civilized.)

Showtime: 6:30-8 on Lion Hill. Free.

And if you can't make this one- the Grandsons will be there August 5. Same bat time: same bat place.

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