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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hometown Fourth

The Boulevard. You might not know what that means unless you are from here, but that was what it was called back in the day. And before those days it was called "out the road." Nowadays you hear this area called the Palisades more often than not and the Palisades Parade is coming up this Sunday. What makes the parade unique is it is the O-fficial July Fourth Parade of the voteless colony known as District of Columbia (not to be confused with the more showy federal type celebrations)

It's a true hometown thing.  Anyone can be in it, and afterwards there's a picnic in the park featuring free hot dogs, a moon bounce, prize giving and often live music. To show the true nature of this spectacle DC ROCKS went into deep background to get this quote from one of the venerable parade judges, Mat Thorp: "The Awards Committee members are pushovers for family groups. A cat on a leash would be a plus. "

Parade starts at noon down near Safeway at 4865 MacArthur Boulevard and winds up in  Palisades Park. View it on "the Boulevard" or Sherier Place.

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