Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pop Prevails on H Street

There's an interesting show coming up in a part of town that is definitely making its way back from the ravages of 1968. My father was born only a few blocks from here so whenever I go to the H Street clubs (which are in old buildings) I try and imagine what it was like back then in 1915 when this was a bustling business district and my grandfather was selling candy.
 But I digress.
Here is the scoop on this Friday's line up at the Red and The Black from Jerry H. front man for the Color School:
"A night when styles mix, but pop prevails.  Round About and The Walkaways lend themselves to Americana done in the DC tradition.The Walkaways have  good pop songs and the added attraction of pedal steel guitar player, Bobby Birdsong.
Color School is very simply a three piece pop band with ex-members of The High Back Chairs and Young Caucasians. No song is longer than 2:30 so you can bash from one to the next, and Bob's your uncle. 
The Red and the Black offers a great beer selection, including decent choices on tap.
Red painted tin ceilings, old DC iron work around the wood and the customary black curtains make it fit as alternate rock club."  
 Show starts at 9- and just a $5 cover in keeping with the  DC ROCKS traditon-it's  a rock bottom bargain. (emphasis on rock)

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