Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quarry House Goes to the Beach

(poster by Stephen Blickenstaff)
If the artwork involved is any indication, the Quarry House has lots of good music going on this Friday when two oceanic themed groups hit the stage.

All bands should be lucky enough to have an artist like Stephen Blickenstaff on board, but rocking surf band Atomic Mosquitos take advantage of his unique talent with the thereminophone. (If you've never seen one played live, now is the hour.)

Chip Py, DC ROCKS' house photographer, has been out doing himself shooting live bands these days. Check out DC ROCKS new facebook page to see what he's been up to. He also captured the cheeky spirit of The Yachtsmen who will be shoving the show off the dock at 9:45 Friday night. (All you fans missing the Slickee Boys and Troubadours- please note this is now the band where Mark Noone debuts his newest songs.)

Come early- it takes a good half hour to study the beer and bourbon menu which you're gonna need to wash down those tater tots.

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