Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Together

What comes to mind when you hear the word reunion?

Perhaps a great old beach house in Bethany with knotty pine paneling that the family rents every summer? That is until the year Cousin Bob brought his three Cocker Spaniels. He denies it, but one of them threw up on the rug, and from then on you had to rent the ugly house across the street.

Or maybe High school? Dance committees and name tags? The high school quarterback turned rotund car salesman who confesses to you after one too many that he dreams  of planting corn on other planets?

Reunions can be complicated and very hard to pull off- especially for musicians who have moved on to other projects and  lives. However, this Fall look for the return of Mother May I and Hyaa at Iota on October 2 and Government Issue at the Black Cat on December 11 -both shows are happening because they are benefits.

So please - mark your calendars. Come out and support people who are working hard to come together to help others in need and  join the reunion.

It'll be fun.

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