Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jeff On Jeff

Here is the scoop from local film maker Jeff Krulik on local film maker Jeff Mentges:

" In the late 1980s, Jeff Mentges turned his attention from fronting infamous DC band No Trend to attending film school. Not content to graduate with a short film like the rest of his classmates, he decided to produce and direct a 16 mm narrative feature film. The result: OF FLESH AND BLOOD, a black-and-white noir retelling of porn star John Holmes' sordid descent into drugs, mayhem and murder. Shot for just $15K and featuring his former co-workers and denizens from Joe's Record Paradise, as well as beloved school janitor Al Breon in the starring role, the film had its grand premiere on August 15, 1990, at the Biograph Theater in Washington, DC. This special anniversary screening on Friday at   the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring is as much a celebration of low-budget 16mm independent film making before digital video took over as it is a 20-year reunion for everyone who was involved in making it happen.

Plus, for those NO TREND fans out there, now's your chance to meet Jeff Mentges, in a rare local appearance. Also invited is the entire cast and crew, including Dr. Joe Sasfy, Dick Bangham, Steve Lorber, Cha Cha Lemeaux and Brian Horrorwitz of The Ubangis."

Show time 9:30. Cash meet and greet before and after at the bar.

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