Friday, August 13, 2010

Party Like It's 1968

Joe Dolan of the Beatnik Flies has a new trick up his sleeve. Check out his latest band- The Vi-Kings which started out as a high school reunion  project, but turned into something  too good to abandon after just one gig. Here's the scoop from Joe:

"The VI-Kings are finally doing our debut full fledged rock show this Saturday, Aug 14th at Bangkok Blues. The VI-Kings are Stock Wilson, Bill Euler, Matt Maury, Rob Howe, Rob Fisher and myself. Bill, Stock, Matt and I go back to the Junior High teen club scenes of Pyle and Western. We play all 60s rock-what we consider the coolest songs, both hits and non hits. Lots of Stones, Yard Birds, Kinks and Dylan to name a few.

We will be one man short because Bill has fallen ill.  All  proceeds will go towards his recovery. Bill and I go back to 1965 when we both played in The Blue Diamonds, a teen club band from Pyle Junior High. Starting the VI-Kings with all these old rock friends has been like a dream come true."

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