Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Window on the Weekend

We at DC ROCKS would be the first to tell you that we only cover a tiny niche of the very local scene here in Washington- trying to concentrate on local musicians in local venues. Often it is whatever blows in the window or music we stumble onto while out and about.
Please send us your imput if you see a band you think is a great deal for the money.

That said here's what came up for this weekend:

Friday the Nighthawks are playing in Wheaton from 7-9. (free)
On Saturday they'll swing over to Jammin' Java in Virginia for those of you who are Maryland challenged. ($20 cover)

Also on Saturday there's Chuck Brown's birthday with the man himself at the venerable 9:30 Club.($25)
And if downtown's too far away for some-Gigahertz will be rocking the  Outta the Way Cafe which is definitely out there somewhere, but they are well worth the trip. (No cover)

All of the above shows are at all ages venues so now is the time to impress the younger set with the Power of Live Music up close and personal brought to you by Masters of Rock.

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