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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beer Me

I often tell people I write about small clubs and local bands because I don't like paying a forkload of money to watch a big act on an even bigger screen in a cavernous venue where I can barely see the musicians on stage. In smaller places you just might find yourself eye to eye with the performers, and most of the musicians I know would be thrilled if you went so far as to buy them a beer or say thank you for playing their asses off for an audience of three, which would be you and those two gear geeks in the corner. IOTA is the kind of bar where that can happen now and then, but this Saturday night will be more like old home week when long time local musician and song writer Karl Straub unveils his new album. (and I can literally say that, because the release will be on vinyl, though also downloadable!) 

Karl says: "It's not a re-release; rather we finished an album begun years ago, and it's sort of a reclamation project.  This album was begun in the waning days of the Graverobbers, though I didn't realize they were waning at the time. The show will be the widest cross section of Karl Straub material ever performed on a stage. There will be material from earlier Graverobbers era, a lot of music from the current album, plus a brand new song called Barbie Doll Apocalypse."

On deck for Saturday are: Karl Straub, Dave Van Allen, Kevin Cordt, Jeff Muller and Matt Tebo. Besides an intimate setting, IOTA has a great beer selection, and a lot of thirsty musicians hanging around the bar.

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