Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Go Forth DC

Not Constitution Ave
Fourth of July in Washington DC.  There's the parade on Constitution Avenue. Fireworks on the mall and a huge concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol featuring all kinds of big names I would never want to see,  but that's just me. You can watch it all on TV, but if you go in person, be ready for loads of security and creative fencing to keep the crowds corralled. (I know it was a pain in the neck for the Park Service, but I miss the days when people would drag couches down to the monument grounds.)

Much of the to-do here is officially National and not the hometown parade you might think of happening in Anytown America, but Washington does have its very own hometown parade which marches right down MacArthur Boulevard at 11 a.m. It's a truly democratic affair; anyone can be in it.

After the parade everyone ends up in Palisades Park for free hot dogs and watermelon courtesy of the Lion's Club. And this year- look for our own hometown kid Owen Danoff performing under the big tent. (Someone I would like to go see, but again, that's just me.)

Happy Fourth!

Local Hero and Official Parade Judge: Mat Thorp and grandson Richard. 

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