Friday, January 9, 2015

A Good Hang

Singer songwriters Eric Brace and Karl Straub have known each other for close to 25 years now, but since Eric moved to Nashville, it had to become one of those long distance type of affairs. Despite the miles between them though, they did manage to finish a project which I will loosely call an American roots opera- loosely based on the story of Ike and Betsy. (You know Ike and Betsy, that couple from Pike? )

Yes. A musical kind of thing based on a song we used to sing in grade school.

Much as I respect both these guys, I confess "Hangtown Dancehall" sounded like a recipe for a coal mine disaster to me. I was skeptical, but I was lucky enough to see this dream of theirs come to life last fall at the Birchmere; and now I am a true believer. 

That being said, "Hangtown" is NOT happening at IOTA this Sunday, but Karl and Eric will be doing an acoustic set of songs from the show, as well as old Last Train Home/Graverobbers numbers and some new stuff, too. This will be one of those performances that may or may not happen again, so don't count on another chance. 

 Show starts at 8:30 sharp. $12 cover.

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