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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cool Thoughts on a Snowy Day

With temperatures struggling to get out of the twenties, every single snow flake that fell today is not budging an inch. Gladly stuck at home for now,  I'm pondering what's cool and what's not.

What's cool?
The Martini Shot: a new collection of short stories by our own home boy, George Pelecanos. George, whose writing draws a bead on DC as only a local can, will be appearing at the new  Busboys and Poets in Brookland next week.

What else is cool?
All the movies and books coming out about DC's punk scene, WHFS and the 9:30 Club.

What's not cool is getting so wrapped up in what was, that we forget about what is. A lot of great old memories cropped up with the recent premiere of "Salad Days", but fellow old codgers have commented about getting around the nostalgia to what is happening now.

We may have lost a lot of old venues, but musicians from those "back in the day" bands (like Government Issue, White Boy, Beatnik Flies, and Slickee Boys) are still out there wielding axes and slogging away at our local music scene. Meanwhile young bands are cropping up with all kinds of ideas and sounds. DC ROCKS can't keep up, but look for The NRIs, The Walking Sticks, The Very Small and Bumper Jacksons.  And check out Jack On Fire's demo "Burn Down the Brixton" a funny and very local number sounding off about  DC's newer hipster scene.

Stay warm this week, but please remember going out is cool!

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