Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Old Schoolin' It

I've mentioned Gypsy Sally's many times since it opened a little over a year ago. It was great to hear about a new club, and it's a lot nicer than bars I remember frequenting "back in the day." The room has wonderful bones complete with a real stage, a nice long bar, elevated tables, and a dance floor, but the owners of the club are a bit at sea. They just let one of the best booking agents in the area slip through their fingers, so I have to wonder how long this venue will last. It would be a shame to lose this club considering the dearth of Places to Go in Georgetown.

That being said an intriguing show is coming up at Gypsy Sally's this Friday, harkening back to a time when DC was chock full of saloons. Two retro-inspired bands: Miss Tess and the Talkbacks and the Bumper Jacksons will bring their own twist to old school jazz, vintage country, and deep roots rock. The Bumper Jacksons say their sound covers music from "the brothels of New Orleans to Appalachian hollers," if that gives you a better clue. Both bands are fronted by women, (hear us roar) and both look like a barrel of fun. A lot of music for $15.

Saturday night, those Southern slingers of Memphis stax, King Soul, will stage a comeback at the Takoma VFW- down in the holler off Eastern Avenue. Old school music, dancing and cheap drinks served up in a true blue dive. Cover just 10 clams. Or head over to the Quarry House where Monsters from the Surf and El Quatro take charge. (No cover there)

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