Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fancy Is as Fancy Does ?

Last Saturday night almost 400 people paid $15 a piece to see the Vi-Kings at the posh, but somewhat controlling Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club. (The name kind of paints a picture, doesn't it?) Tack on to that price tag, a $10 minimum, and a lack of choice as far as seating goes- same price no matter whether you are seated on a first come first served basis. (and if you don't arrive with your friends, don't count on sitting with them.) Dress code: suggested business casual. (A jacket, boys, but you can lose the tie.) For your money? It's a great place to see a show if you are feeling fancy, and there is an ample dance floor if they move enough tables, but if your budget is tight, or you chafe at being told where to sit…think twice.

On the B side (as in basement) this Saturday, the same band is playing at the Quarry House in Silver Spring- no cover, no minimum and no seating restrictions except by the limitations of the room. The Quarry House is…intimate. You may have to ask someone if you can steal a chair or share a table, but that makes it all the merrier in my book. The fanciest things here are the libations, and if you study the drink menu religiously like I have, you can find a mighty nice bourbon for $6.  (Bring a flashlight) Dress code: Business casual minus da bidness. The guys in the Vi-kings will play just as hard here as they did Bethesda Blues, and  although the Quarry House may not be as comfortable as a supper club, neither is rock n roll.

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  1. Hey,, tis captures the essence of this Saturday perfectly. It takes all kinds.