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Thursday, August 28, 2008

At Least I’ll Get My Washing Done

photo by LC

This Labor Day weekend your job is to get to The Red and the Black on Saturday, August 30, to see DC’s almost-own Prabir and the Substitutes. As a bonus you also get to see Tereu Tereu and Wakey!Wakey!. Catch them now as you might not be able to see The Substitutes in small venues for long. Lyn2 found this letter on her kitchen table one morning. We think she wrote it:

Star Date August 4, 2008

Dear Chris, Tyler, Charlie, Robbie and Prabir (that’s in order of hair color),

You guys played here Thursday and Sunday nights, so things got backed up on the home front. Tonight I’m washing clothes, sitting in the kitchen staring at the oven and wondering why I had to choke back a tear last night when I said goodbye at Iota.

You were getting ready to go on tour with the Silver Beats. I had a flash-forward of you all getting all famous and stuff, and that things might never be the same. You wouldn’t be playing for six of us at the Velvet Lounge when the (lame) opening band and their entourage leave early. You won’t have time to hang around with your parent-age fans, all the while wondering who the heck are these people and why aren’t they checking their stock portfolios and shopping at Costco?

But if that happens, things really won’t change that much. Mark Noone will still leave his own gigs early to see you play. Otherwise reasonable women (that would exclude Lyn1 and me) will abandon the kids. You’ll still crank out your own diagonal version of good old rock and roll.

So I guess I was choking up because I’m psyched for your opportunity to spread the Substitution Factor nationwide. You deserve it. This time you can quote me: Go For It!


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  1. Aaawwww, now you got ME all choked up!!! You know I LOVE those boys!!!