Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Word Play

Kid Congo Powers. Pink Monkey Birds. Dracula Boots. Velvet Lounge. Can you use all these words in a sentence? (O.K. maybe not a sentence, but it would make a hell of a short story.)
Here's the scoop on the Kid Congo Powers show this Saturday night from the horse's mouth- a sometime Pink Monkey Bird and formerly of the Cramps/Gun Club/Bad Seeds- The Kid Himself:

"I have been calling my local shows Kid Congo Powers, but have been saying "and Band" because I also do solo shows that are a bit electronic. As usual, I m doing something different every time. This time I am using local DC musicians Arthur Noll (from Yell County, Electricutions) and drummer Andrew Black,( recently playing with the now defunct Georgie James and the new Title Tracks.) I just finished a new Pink Monkey Birds album that will be on InTheRed Records , titled "Dracula Boots" which will be out either end of the year or early 2009. Saturday I will play a few of the new songs, songs from my "Philosophy and Underwear" and "Solo Cholo" albums, and some blistering oldies from The Gun Club canon. Also playing are Witch Hats (an amazing young band from Australia- Six Gun Lullaby and ELECTRICUTIONS."

Can you get any more music for $10? I don't think so.

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