Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looks Like The Last Monday

These United States it's not just our country- it's a fine local band which you can see along with
Jukebox the Ghost tomorrow evening- free atop Fort Reno in Northwest DC- our fair city's coolest outdoor venue. The summer season is winding down- so if you've been meaning to go- grab a blanket and a picnic and come check out this great summer tradition which has seen the likes of Fugazi, The Slickee Boys, Grin and too many bands to mention for many a DC moon. And anyway-where else can you get the founder of Fugazi's sister to autograph your arm?

1 comment:

  1. well...

    maybe Amanda would like to be know for the bands she sang in or maybe her contributions to the music scene as an activist or a promoter

    but yes...

    she is Ian kid sister
    as a kid brother
    I know what it is to live in a sibling's shadow

    her situation is a unique... but the formula still fits