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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greenland Gets Text Messages from Beautiful UFOs

In this case Greenland is a band not a country and includes a guy named Jamie Green. After seeing them live a few times and getting their CD Call Message I'm starting to get addicted to their dreamy post punk rock thing. Lots of good song writing including the one called We Are Clipper Ships which has lyrics that kind of slay me. (and the bit about text messages from UFOs.) I asked Jamie about the other bands on the bill. Here's what he said:
We share a member. I love love this band. Two songwriters, one taking his cue from Syd Barrett the other from Nick Lowe. Amazing rhythm section and wonderful harmonies. The song writing's fluid and organic- totally not flashy. These guys actually beat us for the title of laziest band in D.C.
Tiger And The Snow- this has been a really interesting band to see develop; sort of hushed female pop vocals over shoe-gazey Stratocaster and a really cool bassist / drummer rapport-like an older and younger brother.
Also on the bill is a young band from Fredericksburg: Carlos Im Pregnant.

See all four this Saturday night at The Rock And Roll Hotel down on H Street in the Northeast quadrant of Washington DC (located somewhere on the outer edge of The Milky Way Galaxy)

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